Have You Seen My Coffee?

Have YOU seen my coffee?

I poured myself a cup from the Cuisinart coffeemaker this morning, took several sips and now cannot find it. The coffee in the cup, that is. Not the Cuisinart - which remains on the kitchen counter ready to offer me another cup's worth of coffee as a replacement for the lost one.

My life is like this lately. Follow me around any day of the week and you'll see me running through the house at break-neck speed trying to locate the phone before the caller is directed to voicemail. Cordless phones are both a bane and a boon to our existence. It's nice to be able to carry them from room to room; it's heck when you don't remember where you left them.

And pens have a habit of moving from spot to spot, as well. How does it happen that twenty-seven of them will accumulate on the desk but when I need one to write a check they have all managed to disappear?

Worse than misplacing my coffee, phone or pen, however, is the fact that I seem to have misplaced my mind. Have an urgent thought that needs a follow up? There doesn't seem to be any speed fast enough to get me to my computer, phone, iPad or note pad before my mind goes blank and I'm at a total loss at to what it was I had to make note of. (I do, however, remember that I should not be ending that sentence with a preposition. I would apologize to my past English teachers, if only I could remember their names.)

Back to that cup of coffee.

My husband, Joe, has often reminded me that in order to locate something that is missing I should retrace the actions that led up to the loss of the item. Good advice. I do remember pouring the coffee, sitting at the kitchen table and going over my emails. Then the phone rang and I rushed to answer it. Of course by the time I located it I was greeted by my daughter-in-law's voicemail message inviting me to the beach that morning. Dialing her back I do remember having the coffee cup in hand as I walked to the living room. Next was a trip to the bedroom to make the bed and gather the laundry. I know the coffee was with me then – it never leaves my side in the mornings.

All of these places were checked and rechecked, and yet the missing cup remained well hidden. I even checked the microwave, oven, fridge, closet, washing machine and porch.

Giving up in defeat I have now gone to the Cuisinart and filled another cup. And taken the first sip. And almost spit it out as I looked at Joe standing next to me, laughing, and proudly holding up the missing cup. It had been placed on the bedroom dresser.

The one spot I had forgotten to check.

I think from now on I either have to anchor down every item in the house. Or chain myself to the kitchen chair. Or not. After all, racing around looking for missing items does constitute a form of exercise, doesn't it?

C.J. Golden, motivational speaker and author of TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN and the award winning TAO-GIRLS RULE!, travels the country inspiring all with her dynamic spirit and vision. Visit her at www.taogirl.com



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