It gets better. I promise!


It gets better.  I promise!

Recently I received a phone call from my kids – the ones with kids of their own (how’d I get old enough to have grandchildren?)   The four-year-old is recuperating from a bout of flu and, while no longer running a fever; he is the poster child for runny noses and coughing.  His dad, my son, is now achy and stuffy.  A harbinger that he has also fallen victim to whatever this winter’s strain of flu might be?

The reason for the phone call was to make sure they were still invited to “grams’” and  “boopah’s” house for dinner tonight.  After all, our daughter –in-law and the thirteen-month-old baby are fine.

I responded to this call, in as loving a manner as possible, “No way.  You’re not bringing the flu into our house!”

Okay, so the baby is constantly crying and his big brother is getting rammy after having spent the past week in the house.  And my kids are now suffering from exhausted parent syndrome (I don’t know if that is a medical term, but if not, it sure should be).

Parenting children is tough, exhausting and emotionally trying work.  I know.  I’ve been there.  And, thus these few words from me to you who are experiencing the same trials and tribulations as my son and daughter-in-law are going through.

Please believe me when I say that it gets better.  For every day of crying and fever, there will be double, triple and well, whatever term comes after “triple” that, in pure joy as you nurture these wonderful little people who are delivered to you for the care and love you can give to them.

And then, one day, you will possibly be a grandparent who will understand just what you are going through.  And are proud of the work you are doing to raise these young people who call you “Grams” and “Boopah”.  And will feel guilty for the rest of the day/week/month for not allowing you into your home for fear of catching the flu.  And will remind you that it does, indeed, get better.  I promise!

C.J. Golden, author of TAO OF THE DEFIANT WOMAN, and the award winning TAO-GIRLS RULE! is a motivational speaker who travels the country inspiring all with her dynamic spirit and vision as she helps others walk their ever-evolving paths of life with more ease, joy and vitality.  Her unique, personal approach combines Taoism (acceptance of changes that occur naturally in life) with a good dose of modern day defiance (defying stereotypes, negativity, and self-limiting behaviors).   Golden's voice is one of a kind; imparting wisdom while staying completely accessible. Like a spunky fairy-godmother with the occasionally red or green tipped hair, she is a shoulder to lean on and a 'rock on' motivator all in one.

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