The Story Behind the Liberty Bell: FREE Program at C.H. Booth Library on Tuesday

The Story Behind the Liberty Bell - free program at C.H. Booth Library on Tuesday, August 9, 7:00 pm via Zoom

John Cilio takes us through the history of the Liberty Bell.  In the early days of America, bells were a community’s mass communication device. They were rung for fires, funerals, festivals and other important events. The Liberty Bell was brought to Philadelphia in 1752 and weighed more than a ton. When first rung, it was uninspiring and cracked. The colonists melted it down and recast the bell, more than once.  It endures as a national treasure, one of the six symbols most recognized for representing America. Thanks to generous support of The Friends of C. H. Booth Library.

Register for the link: www.chboothlibrary.org


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