Newtown Power Restoration, Update from First Selectman Dan Rosenthal

This evening, August 11, First Selectman Dan Rosenthal sent a note to the community in regard to Tropical Storm Isaias recovery. Here's what he had to say:

While it probably comes as no surprise, the noon restoration deadline came and went with too many of our residents still without power. That being said, outage figures are down to 7% and I expect that figure will continue to drop through the night. I realize if you are without power the figure may as well be 100%, however, I am finally seeing the crews we need, albeit days late, so I do think we will be substantially restored tonight with the exception of single outages that may take longer.

I will continue to insist that Eversource finish the job for you. As we begin to put this behind us, now the real work begins. I told Governor Lamont the other day that more than transportation, reliable power is critical to living and doing business in our state. Until now, the bar has been set ridiculously low and week-long power outages have become acceptable. I am not okay with this any more than you are.

Elected officials and regulators have let this slide by, this has to change. We can’t lose this moment and I will work with my counterparts in other communities as well as leadership in Hartford to make it clear that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result isn’t acceptable. Power outages will happen but they don’t need to be eternal. Unless something should change this will be my last call for now.

Thank you and have a good night.


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