Newtown Health District is in the planning stages for COVID-19 vaccination clinics

The Newtown Health District is in the planning stages for COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Our ability to vaccinate will depend upon the amount of vaccine that will be allotted to us and who the vaccine priority groups will be at that time. We are awaiting further information and guidance from the CDC and CT Department of Public Health to solidify and implement our plans.

Connecticut is in Phase 1a of COVID-19 vaccine distribution which includes healthcare personnel, long term care residents and first responders at risk of exposure. The State of Connecticut directs the prioritization and timeline for vaccine rollout and will inform the Health District when doses will be available for the general/categorized public slated for between late January and May.

When we receive this information from the State of Connecticut, the Health District will update our website with instructions and the timeline for the delivery of vaccines. We will also share instructions for scheduling an appointment at a Health District clinic or at other potential locations.

We are aware that other communities have put up pages or solicitations to gather information from their residents. We have not done that yet as it will be more productive for you the resident and for our staff to wait for more specific guidelines and directives – this will allow us to gather the most appropriate information in an effective and safe way and to best manage everyone’s expectations. We expect that to happen soon.

In the meantime, Review your communication pathways and how you receive information. The Health District will continue to communicate its plans and directions through the Town’s News and Announcements, the Town website, the Senior Center and the Community Center, the Newtown Bee and the many community partners who help each other get messages out.

Your Health Care Provider knows you best. If you have underlying health conditions or are immune-compromised, you may also want to reach out to your health care provider to learn if they have specific information or instruction for you and your health concerns.

Below are some links if you would like to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines:

 CT Department of Public Health link re: vaccinations COVID-19 Vaccinations (ct.gov)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Vaccine Information

 Food and Drug Administration (FDA): COVID-19 Vaccines


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