Breast Health with Direct Physician Access at Connecticut Breast Imaging

Dr. Jaime Szarmach, Breast Specialist at Connecticut Breast Imaging, strongly believes that patients should have easy access to their physician. The practice is instituting a model of breast care that puts the patient first and nurtures a strong physician-patient relationship.

Listen to this audiogram where she discusses how important it is for patients to connect with their physicians. This paradigm is what Connecticut Breast Imaging focuses on as they write the rules for today’s breast health care. A facility offering a strong patient-physician relationship, coupled with some of the most advanced technology available for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer utilizing 3D Mammography (technically known as Tomosynthesis), Breast Ultrasound, and Breast Biopsy procedures. Advanced technology and expert interpretation by fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologists are crucial features.

However, the practice is also extremely dedicated to delivering compassionate, patient-centered, emotionally sensitive care to all patients. The physicians recognize how stressful it can be to undergo a screening mammogram, especially when additional imaging or biopsies are recommended. If additional testing is indicated, they are committed to providing all additional studies and care as quickly as possible.

Patients arriving for their screening mammogram or ultrasound appointment at the centrally located Riverview office in Danbury may be offered the opportunity to wait and discuss results with the radiologist. If an abnormality is noted, additional imaging and interventions will be performed and the results will be immediately discussed.

Connecticut Breast Imaging’s radiologists are highly accessible and available to speak to patients who have questions. Welcome to Connecticut Breast Imaging - Where you will be treated with the utmost care and compassion every step of the way.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call: 203.426.3002 or visit our website at