Tashua Knolls Senior Men's Club Bowling stats through 1/12/18

2017-18 Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club Bowling

The Tashua Knolls Senior Men’s Club 2017-18 Tuesday League Bowling on January 9 at the Nutmeg Lanes had Team 14 (Jim Curtin, Jim Menge, Greg Babash, John Verdeschi) take over first place with 46 points and a one point lead.  Greg Babash bowled the high scratch single game of 247 and Jim Rainey had the high-single game with handicap of 287.  Bob Oleyar bowled the high three-game series of 669 and the three-game series with handicap of 804 (a new season high).

The Individual High Average bowler is John Verdeschi at 206.20, Guy Favreau is at 201.65 and Angelo Cordone is at 201.28.  Ron Fitzsimons and Ralph Keese are tied for the High Individual Match Point with 72 points.

The Friday Bowling League on January 12 has Team 3 (Lou Rybar, Dave Martini, Bob Beck, Ron Fitzsimons) see its first place lead reduced to one and 1/2 points over Team 9 (Mike Critser, Sam Caiola, Bob Gregory, Angelo Cordone).  Rich Schwam bowled the high scratch single game of 257 and the high three game series of 721 (a new season high).  Pepe Cruz bowled the high single game with handicap of 287.  Mike Critser bowled the three game high series with handicap of 754 with Rich at 751.  The individual high average bowler is Rich Schwam at 211.21, George Chiodo is at 209.41 and Carl Bluestein is at 200.57.


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