Newtown Residents Assume Prefect Positions at Wooster School

Wooster School Senior Leadership Positions Announced

Senior leadership positions were announced during a special assembly. The gathering has been a Wooster tradition since its founding years. Summoned by the Chapel bells, students in grades 6 through 12 filled the Forever Young Gymnasium with excitement and anticipation as the junior class gathered in front of the crowd for the announcement of their senior year job assignments.

As a part of Wooster’s Self-help philosophy, students are given complete responsibility for the physical environment of the school. Each day at Wooster, students participate in a “Jobs” period. Every senior is assigned a job area, where they are in charge of managing the younger students as they all work together to clean the campus and maintain order in their building or area.

Dr. Tyrone Black, Director of Middle and Upper Schools, welcomed everyone to the ceremony. “This is a grand day; a day to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our seniors, while at the same time applaud our juniors for being chosen for the great tasks that lie ahead.”

Bill Rexford, Assistant Director of Student Life, spoke briefly, explaining the tradition of this ceremony. “The values and traditions we celebrate together today are deeply rooted in our past. The ethos of Self Help was alive with the Generals who have come before you, is a part of all of us today, and will be a part of all of those who are yet to come."

After Mr. Rexford concluded his speech, Head of School Matt Byrnes shared his remarks before announcing the class of 2020’s leadership positions. “Whether you are a Senior Prefect, Prefect, Proctor or Captain, you are all in the same place. You have an opportunity. You have an opportunity to learn, to work hard, and to have fun doing it. You have an opportunity to be a role model -- for your senior classmates and those underclassmen who you are being asked to lead. You have an opportunity --- as a class – to build on the legacy that has been established and strengthened by those that have come before you. If you seize the opportunity and work together you will all be rewarded in many different ways. The school and our underclassmen will be rewarded as well."

Though each rising senior is given an important leadership position within the community and Wooster’s Self-help system, the prefects take on the most responsibilities as leaders on campus. The Prefects for 2019-2020 will be:

Senior Prefect – Student Life: Monisha Mohan '20 from Newtown, CT
Senior Prefect – Self-Help: Ollie Felicione '20 from Danbury, CT
Sustainability Prefect: Colin Costigan '20 from Ridgefield, CT
James Marshall Chapel Prefect: Melanie Vazquez '20 from Danbury, CT
Dining Room Prefect: Michaela Zahner '20 from Danbury, CT
Social Impact Prefect: Riley Damiano '20 from Patterson, NY
Equity & Inclusion Prefect: Summer Qian '20 from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Student Activities Prefect: Meghan Bourgeault '20 from Redding, CT
Student Ambassador Prefect: Ali Bratter '20 from Sandy Hook, CT
Communications Prefect: Max Morales-Thomason '20 from Redding, CT
East Campus Prefect: Charlie Stuhr '20 from Ridgefield, CT
Central Campus Prefect: Sartaj Singh '20 from Patterson, NY
West Campus Prefect: Ben Everett '20 from Danbury, CT

About Wooster School

Wooster School is an independent, co-educational college preparatory day school, serving students from Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, the School serves students from Grade 3 through grade 12. A leader in classroom innovation and teaching, Wooster School is a place where thinking and learning are personal, meaningful, and visible; and where faculty work closely with students in small classes and cohorts to think and communicate critically and creatively. At Wooster, every student participates, every student contributes, and every student learns and develops the necessary skills to be a life-long learner and leader in college and beyond.

To learn more, visit http://www.woosterschool.org/ or contact Wooster School Admissions at (203) 830-3916.


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