Newtown Ninth Grader Selected for National Leadership Role

Marley Dixon, a 14-year-old ninth grader, was chosen to serve on the Farm Sanctuary national youth leadership council.  Marley is a proud member of the Wooster School community, a Newtown resident, and a prolific animal protection advocate.

Farm Sanctuary is an organization dedicated to advancing animal protection and social justice through humane education, rescue, and advocacy.  As an appointed Council member, Marley will be charged with other young leaders to raise awareness in creative and impactful ways across the country.   

Marley currently serves on a local animal sanctuary youth executive board and has started to build relationships with regional organizations that combine rescue with advocacy. 

In 2021 she lobbied Congressional delegates to support federal bills protecting wild animals and marine life, and she hopes to advocate for support of state legislation in 2022.  This Council seat will help Marley champion against the use of any arbitrary characteristic (including species) to justify inhumane treatment, inequality, and violence.  She lives in Newtown with her family and her four rescues.   


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