Whip Salon Stylist Takes The Professional Blowout Challenge! Could She Make It 5 Days?

Did you know with the right tricks and maintenance a Whip Signature Blowout can last 5️⃣ days (or more!)?

We challenged Stylist Marina from Whip Salon Westport to see how far she stretches a professional blowout.  Marina says, "As a stylist and someone who specializes in blowdry techniques, I know there is a major difference between a pro blowout and doing it yourself at home. From products to techniques, you'll discover the difference in the longevity. That's why a 4 pack membership could be all you need to practically never wash your own hair again!"

Check out Marina's five-day hair journey below for tips & tricks to keep your blowout looking just as good on day five as it did on day one!     Interested in testing it out for yourself? Click here to book online now, or call 678–WHIPPED to book your appointment.

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Day 1

Let's get this party started! In order to ensure that Marina's blowout stands the test of time, she made sure to carefully choose the best products to prep her locks.    Before her blowout, she used Brazilian Blowout Serum, making her hair soft and shiny. She chose Davines OI Shampoo & Conditioner—her fav duo—to lock in moisture. After her blowout she added a few curls for volume and is now ready to take on the week!

Day 2

Day two...amazing hold! Just as good as yesterday. So far so good!" says Marina. In the evening, Marina recommends grabbing your favorite soft scrunchie and putting your hair in loose a bun before bed to preserve your volume.

Day 3

Wooooah, we're halfway there! We've made it to the halfway point and Marina's hair is still looking flawless. Today she used Whip Salon's 'The Struggle Is Real' dry shampoo & 'Sorry Not Sorry' dry texture spray and added a little curl for some bounce.

Day 4

Even after a night out on the town, Marina's blowout is holding up beautifully on day four.  Although she admits she woke up with some "serious bedhead", it was nothing a little Davines OI Oil (for added shine) and a few curls couldn't fix!

Day 5

...and she crosses the finish line! Marina finishes off the week with some adorable Dutch braids.    Braids or a quick pony is great for the final stretch, especially if your roots are prone to being oily.    Marina even admits that she could probably stretch the blowout for another day, saying she "might just rock this hair for #SundayFunday!"

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