Whip Salon Innovates with Pro On the Go, Professional Color Application for Changing Times

NEW Service Alert! Introducing “Pro On the Go” from Whip Salon - A Professional Salon Service Tailored to Changing Times

Salons everywhere are coping with the “new normal” and Whip Salon, like all small local businesses, is doing its best to not only survive during the pandemic, but also to thrive. In Connecticut, beauty salons are presently still only allowed to be at no more than 75% capacity and ensure 6 feet of social distance between clients; amongst many other imposed safety restrictions. 

Whip Salon has three locations; Ridgefield, Westport and Newtown, and has remained resilient by focusing on client safety and comfort. The salon continually goes above and beyond with Covid safety protocols and clients have applauded their efforts (see recent Client Exit Surveys below). The salon is pleased to announce a new, forward-thinking color service “Pro On the Go” to help address some of the challenges of the pandemic but that has staying power beyond.

Introducing Pro On the Go: The Concept

“Last February at this time before Covid-19 broke, we were already considering introducing “Pro On the Go,” said Whip Salon Founder, Amy Pal. “The idea behind it at that time was to help clients who are short on time but crave high quality, professional color to get in and out in a shorter time. It occurred to us that this service also could be a good solution for those clients that would feel more comfortable having a shorter span of time in the salon due to Covid concerns.”  

Pro On the Go is a professional color application that is applied in the salon by a colorist, but that the client then washes out at home. After the color is completely applied, a protective cap is placed over your hair and you are sent on your way. 

Color processing typically takes around 30-35 minutes, which is more than ample time for clients to get home. Plus it’s a real time-saver if you don’t have to wait around in the salon during that processing time. The only thing you forfeit is that beautiful professional blowout, but oftentimes clients are on the go to get to the gym or get back home for their families and don’t require a blowout as much as they need professional color.

Some competitors offer “curbside color” but Pal feels this misses the mark. “Curbside color only gets you halfway there. Sure, it’s likely professional grade color which is far better than reaching for box dye at the grocery store, so it won’t damage your hair. However, we wouldn’t dream of asking our clients to apply their own color! That is exactly what our stylists went to cosmetology school for and are licensed to do. A professional color application simply cannot be replicated at home.” 

How it Works

Pro On the Go starts off like your typical single process appointment in the salon. Once your color is finished being applied by your colorist, a disposable cap is placed over your hair and you can then drive home. Before you leave the salon, your colorist will help you set a timer on your mobile phone to indicate the precise time to wash it out. Your hair will be protected under the cap during the short journey home and the “After-care Packet” and “Home Care Guide” provide you with everything you need to successfully finish this service at home on your own. The After Care Packet includes disposable gloves to protect your hands, color protectant shampoo and conditioner to ensure you use the best products and even a stain remover wipe to clean up the hairline if need be. 

There are two levels for clients to choose from:

  1. Standard Root Single Process - This touch up is placed on 1 inch or less of root regrowth. 

  2. Extra Root Single Process - This is a touch up that includes more color than your typical 1 inch regrowth. Best for clients who have gone more than 8 weeks without color. 

The Pro On the Go service is available immediately for anyone who has previously had a color service at Whip Salon as your formula will be on file. If you have not been to the salon before, that’s ok too! You’ll need to first have a single process color service on site in the salon. A professional will monitor your service end to end to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction and that most importantly you’re happy with the end result. Once you have had at least one in person service, you are a candidate thereafter for this quick in and out service. But be warned new clients...you may love coming to Whip Salon so much you’ll want to stay with us the entire time.

Recent Whip Salon Client Exit Surveys

“Always love my hair after an appointment, but with covid I also feel extremely safe at Whip. Thanks for the amazing hair and going above & beyond the minimum for covid protocols.” - Melody D. Jan 2021

“Great stylist and friendly staff. Very good handling of the COVID protocols.” - Juan B. Feb 2021

“Outstanding talent, hospitality, and extra-attentive to covid protocols. I love my new haircut!” - Suzanne B. Jan 2021

“Great customer service, extremely friendly, very professional, very clean, follows CDC guidelines, awesome results, very welcoming.” -  Leti D. Jan 2021

“Easy online booking. Great haircut. Proper safety protocols.” - Mary A. Jan 2021

“Amazing stylists, and so unbelievably friendly. The salon itself is also super clean and covid guidelines are very obviously being adhered to!” - Chana F. Jan 2021

“The salon is beautiful and it's a very nice environment. Very good covid precautions. The staff is excellent.”- Hannah R. Jan 2021



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