Homefront Farmers Bring Wholesome Things to Redding

Over the past ten years, our team at Homefront Farmers has developed a business of building and maintaining organic vegetable gardens for families and businesses in the area. As a team, we are passionate about educating and growing delicious foods that started with vegetables and have evolved to include mushrooms, maple syrup and honey! We are excited to introduce our newest venture, a vegetable farm located in idyllic Redding on Picketts Ridge Road!

Our farm reflects our desire to produce food in an ecologically sound and regenerative manner. We focus on utilizing practices from no-till agriculture, which prioritizes soil health, in specific, and our local ecosystem, in general. What this means is that we are a human-powered farm, relying on our hands and hoes instead of tractors and tillers! A vegetable is only as good as the soil it is grown in and in order to cultivate the healthiest soil possible, we avoid any unnecessary disturbances. Unlike conventional agriculture where farmers will feed their plants directly with synthetic inputs, organic agriculture requires a robust community of fungi, bacteria and critters in order to grow the most delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

We sell our produce at local farm markets – the farmstands are at Nod Hill Brewery and our farm located at 130 Picketts Ridge Rd, Redding. But our drive is to prioritize convenience, offering on-site pickup 6 days a week and local delivery 2 days a week. When you submit an order, our farmers will harvest and prepare your vegetables the next day for pickup or delivery to ensure the freshest produce possible! And more than anything, we love to connect with our local community. Stop by Tuesday - Sunday to say hello to our farmers and check out where and how your food is grown! Pick our brains, ask us questions and see how much food can be produced in a small plot.

Learn more about Homefront Farmers HERE.


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