Newtown Police Department Issues Silver Alert for 28 Year Old Zackery Thomas

A Silver Alert has been put out by the Newtown Police Department for Zackery Thomas, age 28, of Redondo Beach, CA.
Zackary was last seen at approximately 12:30 am today, pull his vehicle, a grey 2020 Toyota RAV4, behind the Mobile Gas Station on Church Hill Rd. and took all of his life's personal belongings, including cell phone, clothes, and other personnel items out of the vehicle and placed them behind the gas station and then promptly left the gas station.
The vehicle's license plate is California Reg. # MYCLOUD.
Newtown Police have been in contact with Zackery's mother, in California, and his father in Michigan. Zachery suffers from depression and left California to visit his dad and then left there when he came to Connecticut. Both parents have no idea why Zackery would come to Newtown, as he has no known connection with Newtown or Connecticut. No friends or family in the area.
Zackery is believed to have gotten back onto I84 West, after leaving the gas station.
Newtown Police have conducted an extensive search of the area including businesses, churches, parks and schools.
"We are very concerned for Zachery's safety and ask that the public keep on the look out for Zachery and his vehicle. At this time we don't have any reason to believe that Zackary is a danger to the general public, our focus right now is finding Zachery and getting him the help he might need," said Lt. Bahamonde.
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