Volunteers Upgrade Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry Facilities

Part of the mission of North Canaan Congregational church is sharing earthly and spiritual resources. This portion is manifested in our Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry at Pilgrim House.  We recently had an upgrade to make the management of storing those earthly resources much better. Volunteer Kevin Farnham spearheaded this effort and Mountainside senior resident Michael Harrington led the volunteers.  Michael and Kevin understand the meaning of Be The Church.

It takes a lot to keep a food pantry running smoothly.  We bring in massive quantities of food every month and we were in need of a better way to store, rotate, inventory and distribute the food on our shelves.  Kevin Farnham saw this need and volunteered to implement a new storage system.  He supervised the cleaning up of a little used room; designed four free-standing shelf units to fit our specifications; procured free building materials from C.A. Lindell & Son (owner Robert Riva and store manager Peter Broggi were most generous); built the shelves: and put them into place.  This was all done within a matter of days. 

Michael Harrington of Mountainside, single-handedly gave the south storage room the five coats of paint that it needed and North Canaan Congregational Church’s Rich Forman solved our HVAC issues.  Additional Mountainside volunteers helped with the cleanup and stocking of shelves and our long-time volunteers from the Canaan Seventh Day Adventist Church rounded out the effort.  In the end, we have a beautiful and efficient south storage room that we are proud to show off.

Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry is open Wednesdays from 9 to 11 a.m. (see when we are open next…)

We believe that evangelism — offering bread to those in search of it — is God’s mission. Our perspective is global, not provincial. We work with — not against — people of other faiths. 



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