Things Your Body Doesn't Tell You

Your Health Series: Things Your Body Doesn’t Tell You and Things it Does ( if you are listening )

WHO: Deborah Bain RN, BSN

WHAT:  Your Health Series:Medical symptoms and what they mean

WHEN:  Saturday March 17,4 p.m.

WHERE:  Wardell Room, Scoville Memorial Library, 38 Main Street, Salisbury, CT

CONTACT: 860-435-2838 scovillelibrary.org

COST: Free

If you are not trained, most people do not realize how much information, useful information, your body gives you on a day to day basis. Often we ignore symptoms that are warning signs of a bigger issue and sometimes these symptoms are the routine aches and pains in daily life.   Deborah Bain is the Managing Director of Prism Health Advocates and a retired nurse with 37 years of experience in the medical field including EMT, Trauma Nurse, Hospice, Oncology, and more. She will teach you to listen to your body.

Bain’s talk is aimed at educating the individual on how to be better aware, and open, to things your body signals. This can range from very minor issues, to warning signs for serious disease processes. Learning what these symptoms mean and how to respond to them is significant knowledge for the average patient. This understanding will give you some practical steps and help you focus you on paying attention, and especially, identifying which symptoms that are important. The talk, Things Your Body Doesn’t Tell You and Things it Does ( if you are listening )

This presentation is part of the Your Health Series and will take place this Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Scoville Memorial Library.



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