Save Birds,Save the Environment

2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful bird protection law ever passed and on June 15 at 11 am, Audubon Sharon Director, Eileen Fielding, PhD. will discuss the link between the preservation of birds and the environment.  Dr. Fielding will take a bird-centered look at today’s most pressing environmental challenges, including pesticides, invasive species, habitat loss, and climate change.

In honor of the Migratory Bird Treaty’s centennial, National Audubon Society, National Geographic and more than 150 other participating organizations have joined forces to protect birds and in so doing, improve the environment for birds and people.  Where birds flourish, people flourish and whether helping one bird, changing national policies, or preserving vital water ways, Dr. Fielding will discuss the impact Audubon and individuals working together can have on the environment here in Northwest Connecticut and along thousands of miles of migratory flyways.

Dr. Fielding holds a MS and PhD in Ecology from the University of Connecticut, as well as a BS in Natural Resources from the University of Massachusetts.  Eileen previously served as the Executive Director of the Farmington River Watershed Association.  Please visit www.noblehorizons.org or call 860-435-9851 for reservations or for more information. 



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