The Secrets to Healthy Eating As you Age


As we age, our nutritional needs change and how we respond directly impacts our health and how we feel and function.  Choosing the best nutrients can improve mood, reduce the risk for health conditions, keep the mind sharp and boost energy.

On July 26 at 11 a.m., Sue Mastrangeleo, RD CSG, CD, LD, the nutritionist at Noble Horizons, will present “The Secrets to Healthy Eating As You Age.”  Mastrangelo will provide healthy eating facts and tips as well as recipes-including how to bring out the best flavors in food.  She will explain the physical changes that occur as we age, and discuss concrete steps we can take to manage our diet for optimum health.  Mastrangelo is a Board certified specialist in gerontological nutrition and has worked as a registered dietician for over 30 years.  Registration for her free program is at www.noblehorizons.org or 860-435-9851.


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