Weekend in Norfolk Gets Rave Reviews As "Masterpiece of Civic Teamwork"

Since 1980, William Hosley has been devoted to creating cultural heritage experiences, public programs and advocacy campaigns that foster reverence and awareness of the qualities of Connecticut's history, art and ideals that have importantly shaped the American experience and values. His Facebook page, Housing Our History, focuses on this state's rich heritage.  He also authors Creating Sense of Place for Connecticut, a page that highlights the best Connecticut has to offer. Mr. Hosley visited Norfolk for Weekend in Norfolk and wrote the following review. - Editor

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Norfolk Weekend (a masterpiece of civic teamwork and expression). We did seven or eight activities, including farm tours, a stained glass tour at the Chapel, a fabulous jazzy concert at the Shed, toured Whitehouse , the art show, etc. etc. This has to be the best event in CT every year. Our State tourism people could use this as the model it is and incentivize other places to TRY doing events. I am sure it makes a difference.
It was all good. But the highlight - by far - is your Marie Kendall exhibition - which I gave the most effusive review I’ve ever given a museum show (and I’ve done more than 100 now).
See my review at https://www.facebook.com/HousingOurHistory/  and shared to
Check it out and congratulations on what appears to be the 10th hit in a row - maybe the best yet.
You are modeling excellence in #localhistory like few small orgs anywhere in CT or the US. As I put it in the richly illustrated review - museums 100x the size are not doing better work!


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