Happy Anniversary to Berkshire Country Store

Today is a celebratory milestone for the people of Norfolk.  It was one year ago today that Ryan Craig opened the doors of the Berkshire Country Store on Station Place.  Since then, the store has become the center of life in our little town.  It's a place where people can get together for a quick meeting while enjoying a cup of coffee and an amazingly delectable pastry. It is often a call-ahead-so-I-can-pick-up-my-lunch-and-get-on-the-road place, but even more often it's a place where one can sit for a leisurely lunch while catching up with the many friends and neighbors who happen to stop in.  Whatever your pace of life, Berkshire Country Store fits.

Ryan Craig has created a place where people feel at home, and his sense of humor makes the establishment fun. He has produced Berkshire Gear - lively sweatshirts, tees, hats and mugs bearing logos of his creation.  Pick up a NORfork hat with a picture of a fork replacing the word "fork" or a sweatshirt with the image of John O'The Woods on it.  Go to berkshirecountrystore.com to read the full legend of John, a crotchety geezer who can be found sipping coffee and perusing Norfolk Now on any given day at Berkshire Country Store.

Coffee and fun aren't the only things the store sells, though.  My lunchtime habit is two of the best hot dogs around - with dijon mustard and relish, to go.  Their maple chicken sandwich is another favorite, and don't forget to try their pizza - yum!

Shop the store for locally produced products such as syrups, cheeses and even books by local authors, including John Funchion and Courtney Maum. I can't even begin to list the great shopping finds at the store.

So...stop by today and wish Ryan and his crew a very happy anniversary.  Thanks, Ryan, and best wishes for many, many years to come on Station Place.  



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