Heavy Snow Predicted for Northwest Corner

They have upped the amounts of snow to 6 to 12 within the winter storm warning. I see snowfall rates of one to two inches an hour at times in the height of the storm. DO NOT TREK OUT IN THIS STORM!!! PEOPLE THAT DECIDE TO TREK OUT CAN EASILY BECOME STRANDED AND IT LETS THE PUBLIC WORKS CREWS BETTER CLEAR THE ROADS IF YOU KEEP OFF THE ROADS, as well as following all parking bans that may be published in your town/city. If you don't, your car may become towed.

This area is storm wary with the third nor'easter in 11 days. The two past ones ( as you probably know ) have been MAJOR and the next one will also be MAJOR. Keep an emergency kit with the following items- a few blankets, flashlight (to alert first responders of your location), gloves and a hat. Make sure your car's exhaust pipe is cleared of snow so you don't risk dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep a bucket of sand or even kitty litter for traction if your able to drive out of a snowbank or a snow packed road (if and when you get stuck.) Also let relatives know what route your taking if you do venture out in the storm. So if you were to get stuck, they are able to trace your route and look for you or call emergency workers for help. I hope you accept my advise and do not venture out in the storm.


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