Organizations are Invited to Join Mad River Market

Up until now, only individuals have been allowed to become investors in the exciting upcoming Mad River Market, a co-op market being organized in Winsted. But now, businesses, civic organizations, congregations and others can now become member-owners of Mad River Market!

At their annual meeting on June 1, the group revised their Bylaws to allow businesses and other types of organizations to become member-owners. If you are already an individual member-owner and would like to transfer your share to your business or organization's name, please contact Project Manager, Phillip Allen.

You can find out more about the Business Ownership Program at our website, http://www.MadRiverMarket.coop. Join the ranks of Ledgebrook Spirit Shoppe, Greenwood Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, Raven's Edge, and Walk in the Woods, LLC!


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