Seeking A New Operator for The Colebrook Store

Seeking A New Operator For The Colebrook Store

From The Colebrook Preservation Society:

Dear Friends of the Colebrook Store,

As many of you know, Jodi Marinelli and her family will be leaving Colebrook in June, and we are currently interviewing for a new store operator. Happily, Jodi has agreed to continue at the store until a replacement is found.

As sorry as we are to see Jodi leave, we understand her and her family’s decision as they start a new chapter in their lives. We were absolutely blessed that Jodi took on the task just over five years ago to re-open the Colebrook Store. Her passion, dedication and hard work brought the store back to its rightful place in the community, a lively central spot to meet, order some good eats, and to catch up on the goings-on about town,

In her farewell note posted on the Colebrook Store website, Jodi wrote:

“Since re-opening the store in December 2014, the hard work we have put into the store has been a rewarding challenge that I will never forget. From the hundreds (thousands?) of eclairs made, to catering partiers small and large, to summer weekends of Camp Jewell traffic, to the regular customers with their regular orders; it has all left a mark on us that we’ll remember forever, We hope you remember us just as warmly.”

I know I speak for the community Jodi, in saying we absolutely will remember you warmly -- as we wish you and your family happiness and success in the years to come!

Finding the right person to fill Jodi’s shoes will not be easy.  Jodi and all of us are networking and spreading the word through websites and ads, and we eagerly solicit any and all ideas you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to call me at 646 812-6317.

With everyone’s help we look forward to a new era at the store and its continued role as a central focus of our town.

On Behalf of the Board,

Edward Lord
Board of Trustees:


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