Learn About RVing and Camping at Lone Oak


Learn what it is like camping in today's campgrounds and about today's camping equipment.  Discuss owning/buying/insurance of RVs, todays trends and looking forward to options for full time RVing, with a very special Foothills Adult and Continuing Education.

To check out an actual RV and see what is involved OUR LAST CLASS ON MAY 9, WILL MEET AT LONE OAK CAMPSITE, 360 NORFOLK RD, EAST CANAAN. For more information, visit: www.loneoakcampsites.com

First class May 2 held at Houstonic Valley Regional HS, Falls Village, from 6 to 8 p.m.;  2nd class May 9 at Lone Oak Campsites so you can tour an RV in person.   

Call 1.800.300.4781 or register online Foothill Adult and Continuing Education, www.edadvance.org $40. 


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