Budget Proposal Unveiled at Press Conference

State Representative Brian Ohler (R-64) stood with his Republican colleagues to unveil a budget proposal at press conference held at the Legislative Office Building on Thursday afternoon.

“It is our responsibility as legislators to create, present, and move forward with a sensible and sustainable budget plan. The majority party failed to hold a vote on their proposed budget and that is a huge disservice to the people of Connecticut,” explained Rep. Ohler, who is a member of the legislature’s Appropriations Committee.

The legislative deadline for the Appropriations Committee was Thursday, April 27. The committee is tasked with presenting a budget for the entire legislature’s review. However, the committee failed to put forth a budget for consideration.

Despite the request of Republican Leadership, the proposal was not considered by the Appropriations Committee for a vote.
Rep. Ohler said, “Republicans have presented a newly proposed budget that should act as a foundation for all members, Democrats and Republicans. This budget holds our Northwest Corner towns harmless while providing municipal leaders with predictable and acceptable projections.”

According to Rep. Ohler the Republican budget proposal accomplishments include:

  • Protections for our seniors by phasing out the income tax on pensions and social security
  • Providing funding for crucial programs such as Care 4 Kids and Meals on Wheels
  • Holding our area hospitals harmless, such as Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, by not allowing municipalities to tax them
  • Assuming state responsibility to pay for the teachers’ retirement pension fund
  • Creating a more equitable education fund formula
  • Funding our Fire Schools at 2012 levels
  • Eliminating the proposal to increase Pistol Permit renewal fees -
  • Does NOT raise incomes or sales taxes
  • Allowing non-profits to keep their tax exemption status

“This is a good first step in creating the best budget possible in light of decreasing revenue, which has been expedited by recent tax hikes because so many people have moved away. Tough decisions will continue to be made, but it takes true leadership to prioritize spending to ensure that the core services of government are adequately funded without imposing tax increases,” concluded Rep. Ohler.


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