Rep. Ohler Co-Sponsors Legislation to Protect Information

State Representative Brian Ohler (R-64) co-sponsored legislation that will safeguard information collected from active military members or veterans by businesses that use such information to confirm a person's status as a member of the armed forces. The bill was considered during the Wednesday, May 10 House Session.

Rep. Ohler stated, “As we negotiate our way through a tumultuous technological era it is absolutely vital that we exercise caution by safeguarding our personal information. Unfortunately, our veterans have become a targeted class, as their personal information is constantly being preyed upon. It is an honor to co-sponsor this bill as it adds critical language that enhances safeguards for veterans and their families.”

The legislation creates two major provisions for persons or entities that are in possession of such information. It requires that a business to publish a policy that explicitly protects the confidentiality of personal information, which prohibits the disclosure of the information and limits access to it. Additionally, data must be destroyed, erased, or made unreadable before a business disposes of them.

The bill received bi-partisan, unanimous support when it was initially considered in the General Assembly’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee. It also received unanimous support from the House of Representatives and currently awaits further action in the Senate.



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