Housatonic Museum of Art Announces Acquisition of Artwork From The Collections Of Thirteen Contemporary Photographers

The Housatonic Museum of Art (HMA) announced today the acquisition of artwork from 13 celebrated contemporary photographers as part of its participation in The Museum Project.

The Museum Project is a collaborative venture which unites contemporary photographers with the institutions that support them.  Founded by Robert von Sternberg and Darryl Curran in 2012, the project pairs well-established photographers willing to donate works of art with institutions that will appreciate and use the body of work being donated. 

The Housatonic Museum of Art now joins 176 other museums and art collections that have benefited from the acquisition of artwork through the project.  Since its founding, The Museum Project has donated over 4,500 prints, worth in excess of $7 million.

“We are so grateful to The Museum Project for adding these important photographs to our permanent collection,” said Robbin Zella, Executive Director of HMA. “This project is an extraordinary way for the museum to acquire a wide-range of work by recognized photographers working in an equally wide-range of styles and subject matter.”

The donation to HMA includes work from Barry Anderson, Darryl Curran, Robert Fichter, Suda House, Victor Landweber, Kenda North, Sheila Pinkel, Bonnie Schiffman, Michael Stone, Robert von Sternberg, Melanie Walker, Todd Walker and Nancy Webber. 

When artist Kenda North was asked why she participated in this project, she said, “An exhibit is a temporary event.  If an institution has work in their collection, people can study a person’s work in the context of others’ work.  That’s invaluable to me.”  Kenda North has photographed figures under water for over ten years and several pieces from her Urban Pools series were donated to the HMA collection.

On October 1st The Museum Project celebrated its 5 year anniversary, and has now ended.  Von Sternberg estimates he’s spent 6,000 hours researching institutions that fit the project’s criteria.  “Museums have been a huge part of my life, and this project was a way of giving back.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, as a donation with a thank you tied to it,” said von Sternberg. 

A New Acquisitions exhibition is being planned at the Housatonic Museum of Art.  The exhibit will feature works donated by The Museum Project.  Check the museum’s website for details: www.HousatonicMuseum.org or call (203) 332-5052.

The Housatonic Museum of Art (HMA) is home to one of the premier college art collections in the United States.  Its collection offers students and the community alike the opportunity to view works that span the history of art from the ancient to the contemporary.  Unique to the Housatonic Community College campus, this permanent collection is on continuous display throughout the 300,000 square foot facility, offering a rare opportunity for both art enthusiasts and casual observers to view and interact with the art on a daily basis.  Visit www.HousatonicMuseum.org to learn more.

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