Creativity Connects Norwalk: Meet Kimberly Henrikson, Executive Director at Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Creativity Connects Norwalk

What fuels a vibrant, connected and creative community? What makes people feel good about living in Norwalk?

When locals share the creativity that they uncover in the nooks and crannies of their community it brings about connectivity and makes us all feel good.

Believe it or not, you discover creativity every day as you walk, shop, work, and play in Norwalk. 

Creativity connects us.

Kimberly Henrikson, Executive Director at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Tell us about an organization in your town that makes you feel good

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County has done an incredible job of connecting artists and arts and culture organizations across our county. In these unsettling times, the connections, information sharing, and combined efforts towards bettering our community have provided needed support.

Where do you go for inspiration and creativity?

Honestly, I take a walk around our gallery and the studios at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. Seeing artists at work or the final prints that they have made hanging on the gallery walls gives me inspiration and motivation. It's worth the effort to see the world through someone else's eyes and spend time looking, really looking, at the work. It can make you think about something in a way you hadn't considered before or pose questions to yourself that you wouldn't otherwise ask.

What do you love about your community?

Fine art printmaking is a very hands-on, technical, and yet creative process where you have to be prepared for the unexpected. It takes quick-thinking, original ideas, and a willingness to try something new, sometimes on the fly. I love the determined approach to problem solving, the eagerness to get one's hands dirty and do the work, and the collaborative nature that I see in our community. There is never a dull moment.

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