Norwalk Art Space Announces Inaugural Class of Resident Artists, First Exhibit

Norwalk, CT: The Norwalk Art Space announced the selection of four Resident Artists and five Korry Fellows for its inaugural year. Chosen following a rigorous selection process, these nine outstanding artists will exhibit their art and teach at The Norwalk Art Space during its opening year. Their first exhibition will open to the public free of charge on June 5 of this year. 

The selected Resident Artists are:

And the selected Korry Fellows are:

Korry Fellows and Resident Artists were selected for their artistic excellence, talent, body of work, reputation in the community, and interest in teaching, mentoring and public engagement.

Resident Artists will be provided free studios and exhibition space in The Norwalk Art Space’s beautiful, newly-remodeled building, known as ADK House.  In exchange, they will design a curriculum and teach free after-school art classes to local high school youth.  Fellows,who are established local artists, will curate exhibitions featuring their art, and will provide workshops, mentoring and hands-on experience to our students and younger artists throughout the year.  

The selection process was co-headed by Duvian Montoya, The Norwalk Art Space’s Director of Arts & Education, who commented: “We are thrilled to have selected this outstanding group of artists as our first cohort of Resident Artists and Fellows.  Our inaugural class is enormously talented, diverse and dedicated to the mission of our founder, Alexandra Korry, to increase equity in the arts and enhance opportunities for under-served youth. We’ve chosen a group that ranges from emerging to mid-career and established artists that work in multiple mediums, from painting, illustration and collage to sculpture and conceptual installation, and who have their finger on the pulse of Norwalk’s diverse art community.  We are optimistic that this group will fill our museum with inspiring art that will excite the community and inspire our students.”

Nicole Sansone Ruiz, PhD, The Norwalk Art Space’s Curatorial Research and Interpretation Advisor, who helped lead the selection process, added, "The Norwalk Art Space is the right place, at the right time. Over the past year, many of us have formed a new relationship to the arts: we’ve baked bread, watched movies, started painting. Having a free and accessible space to be able to share those new interests and passions with each other is how communities come together and grow. Whether you go to see live music on a summer night, or use it as a convenient meeting place to grab a coffee with a friend, The Norwalk Art Space is poised to be a cornerstone of Norwalk.” 

Darcy Hicks, The Norwalk Art Space’s Co-Director of Education, noted, “I am so excited to work with the Resident Artists at The Norwalk Art Space, whose talent and enthusiasm will generate a rich curriculum for our youth. Art education is crucial in building effective community engagement, and The Norwalk Art Space will provide essential opportunities for creative growth for young artists.”

About The Norwalk Art Space and ADK House:

The Norwalk Art Space museum was founded and built by Alexandra Davern Korry (1959-2020), a trailblazing M&A lawyer, educator, civil rights advocate, and philanthropist. Alexandra’s goals in creating and funding The Norwalk Art Space were to enhance opportunities and equity in the local arts community, by promoting under-represented local artists, providing free educational opportunities for underserved students, and welcoming the public to a beautiful art hub where they can enjoy art and music. Our building, ADK House, which was named for Alexandra, will include a museum, sculpture garden and studios for artists, as well as classrooms and workspaces for students.  It will also house a cafe overlooking the gallery, which will be an exciting new place to hang out and enjoy the art.  Our museum, music events and classes will be open to the public free of charge.   

More information can be found at


- New facility, exterior and interior.

- Meet and Greet on March 27th. From left to right: Canyon Sharits, Emily Teall, Lizzy Rockwell, Daarcy Hicks, Francisco Mandujano, Kelly Rossetti, Jahmane West, Joseph Fucigna, Remy Sosa, Tara Blackwell, Robin Panovka, Sarah Panovka, Lorena Sferrlaza, Duvian Montoya

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