NHD Works to Help Norwalkers Fight the Biteand Prevent Mosquito-borne Illness

Norwalk’s Mosquito Management Program Includes Surveillance, Source Reduction, and Education to Help Protect Norwalkers from Mosquito-borne Illness

(NORWALK, Connecticut) -- This summer, the Norwalk Health Department (NHD) urges Norwalkers to avoid mosquitoes to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses such as West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. NHD’s mosquito management program aims to help our residents avoid mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illnesses through mosquito surveillance, source reduction, and education. Mosquito Surveillance NHD works with state officials who monitor the mosquito population throughout the state.

The CT Agricultural Experiment Station monitors two mosquito trapping locations in Norwalk at Cranbury Park and Rowayton School. This monitoring allows NHD and state officials to gauge the local mosquito population and take appropriate prevention measures based on population estimates. State officials recently announced that mosquitoes in the trap at the Rowayton School location were positive for West Nile virus. Several other towns in our area, including Darien, New Canaan, and Stamford, have also reported positive mosquitoes. While this result is expected at this time of year, it serves as an extra reminder to take precautions.

To see the weekly update of statewide mosquito testing results, visit the CTAES page here

Submitted by Norwalk, CT

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