Many Connecticut Cities Ranked Highest for Number of Nonprofits

Norwalk and other nearby cities data can be seen on the chart below.

The Bridgeport Region ranks 20th for the US regions with the highest concentrations of nonprofit organizations according to Governing Magazine.  The Bridgeport metro area has a total of 1,391 nonprofits, which translates to 14.7 per 10,000 population.

The number of nonprofits in towns near Norwalk are:

City# of CharitiesValue of Assets
Dance, CT1$1,269,405
Darien, CT224$538,642,219
Darlen, CT1$11,084,872
East Norwalk, CT1$108,667
Fairfield, CT342$2,947,055,634
Georgetown, CT16$5,607,875
Glenbrook, CT1$645,793
Greens Farms, CT11$148,933,167
New Canaan, CT235$1,093,350,329
Noroton, CT1$7,042,063
Norwalk, CT437$1,194,597,542
Rowayton, CT22$12,606,132
S Norwalk, CT1
South Norwalk, CT5$25,145,008
Southport, CT62$82,160,995
Stamford, CT809$4,561,483,886
Stanford, CT3$300,185
Stmaford, CT1$1,815,471
West Redding, CT6$11,993,703
Weston, CT93$61,920,069
Westport, CT314$1,463,592,749
Wilton, CT170$4,853,979,403

The magazine studied all of the regions in the United States to try to determine why some regions have more charities than others, and they found some interesting results. "What we found was that the concentration of locally focused nonprofits doesn’t just vary from one part of the country to another -- it varies a lot. The top 10 metro areas on our list have more than twice the number of nonprofits per capita as all those in the bottom quarter."

Other regions in the top 20 according to Governor Magazine include:

Metro Area Nonprofits
Nonprofits Per 10k Pop
Barnstable Town, MA 517 24.2
Pittsfield, MA 286 22.6
Santa Fe, NM 285 19
Missoula, MT 219 18.4
Ithaca, NY 187 18.2
Springfield, IL 358 17.2
Trenton, NJ 634 17.1
Bismarck, ND 222 16.7
Burlington-South Burlington, VT 366 16.6
Madison, WI 1,094 16.6
Napa, CA 231 16.6
Boulder, CO 538 16.5
Duluth, MN-WI 447 16
Fairbanks, AK 157 15.9
Great Falls, MT 130 15.9
Glens Falls, NY 198 15.8
Jefferson City, MO 234 15.4
Portland-South Portland, ME 813 15.2
Anchorage, AK 595 14.9
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT 1,391 14.7


Other Connecticut regions on the list include:

  • Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford with 1,576 nonprofits
  • New Haven-Milford with 1,082 nonprofits
  • Norwich-New London with 318 nonprofits

The governing analysis is based on data published by The National Center for Charitable Statistics.


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