New Canaan Community Foundation renews its support of Carver

The Carver Foundation of Norwalk is deeply grateful to the New Canaan Community Foundation (NCCF) for renewing its generous support of our after-school programs for the upcoming school year.

Since 1977, NCCF has invested in high-impact local organizations such as Carver and in doing so has helped donors achieve their philanthropic goals. NCCF brings the people of New Canaan together to address both individual and local challenges, enriching the lives of all community members.

NCCF achieves its mission by partnering with community members. NCCF helps each individual, family, or organization achieve its philanthropic goals. The Foundation educates and supports volunteer leaders of all ages to guide and maximize the impact of NCCF in the community. The Foundation mobilizes thoughtful grant investments and other resources to respond to local needs. The Foundation convenes community leaders, experts, and residents to address community-wide issues that affect New Canaan.

NCCF engages many volunteers who help to deepen the Foundation’s engagement with over 100 local organizations.

Thank you, New Canaan Community Foundation!