Public Hearing Set for Wed Feb 22 in Hartford for National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Public Hearing Set for National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in Connecticut; Substantial Grassroots Turnout Expected.

The General Administration and Elections Committee of the CT General Assembly has scheduled a Public Hearing in Hartford for February 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM in the Legislative Office Building to hear testimony on HB 5434, “An Act Adopting the Interstate Compact to Elect the President of the U.S. by Popular Vote” and Senate President Martin Looney’s companion bill, SB 9. Everyone is invited. 

As Jonathan Perloe, a communications strategist living in Greenwich explains, “The NPV Interstate Compact is an elegant way to ensure that every vote cast for president matters equally, without having to abolish the Electoral College.” Under the Compact, all the participating states’ electoral votes will be awarded to the candidate who wins the most popular votes in all 50 states. The Compact takes effect once states possessing 270 electoral votes, the number required to elect the President, have joined.

Says Westport writer, videographer and actor’s agent Rozanne Gates, “We are very excited the NPV bill will get a full and transparent airing so legislators can cast informed votes, considering the views of their constituents.” Past surveys have shown that three-quarters of Connecticut voters, including a majority of Republicans, think the candidate who gets the most votes in the country should become President.


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