Walk in the Woods in Norwalk Nov. 9-10

The Norwalk Land Trust has invited the public to free guided walking tours of the White Barn  Preserve (78 Cranbury Rd.)  Nov. 9-10, at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. both days.

A campaign is underway to add the White Barn acreage to the woodlands and meadows the land trust has dedicated to passive recreation. Limited parking is available on the property and there is street parking outside.

Described as “A Walk In The Woods,” the outings also introduce the concept of “Forest Bathing,” a health trend pioneered in Japan, believed to be therapeutic for humans by lowering stress, high blood pressure and depression.

Rain date is Nov. 17.

The White Barn property is heavily covered with trees, many more than 100 years old. Trees cover approximately 31 percent of the earth’s surface and largely regenerate themselves. They are essential to the planet’s overall health, says the Norwalk Land Trust. They filter water, control runoff, protect the soil, store nutrients, provide habitat for wildlife and offer space for human recreation.

They are also magnificent memorials and monuments. They knit together the social fabric of neighborhoods, beautifying the landscape with their foliage and stateliness. And they demonstrably increase property values and provide energy savings.                     


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