MAD Creatives Presents Peace & Paint Workshop Tomorrow

In this first in a series of workshops, participants will engage in a group meditation and group paint, based around the theme of color, led by poet and healer Tayler Samantha, and painter Evan Bieder.

Wed. Jan. 20, 7pm


Indulge in a series of guided meditation and group painting classes. Themes of classes will be Color, Form, and Texture; with Evan facilitating an art history lesson and Tayler leading an opening and closing meditation.

The group will be invited to:
- Meditate (guided - opening)
- Artist of the week (art education)
- Group paint
- Meditate (guided - closing)

Session 1: Color | January 20th
- Participants will engage in a group meditation and group paint based around the theme of color.
- The goal of this session is make your own painting with intention!
Session 2: Form | February 2021
- Participants will engage in self-portraits & meditation
- The goal of this session is to create a self portrait and meditation
Session 3: Texture or medium | March 2021

ALL participants will be provided materials (easel, canvas, brush, paint) and will be able to take their finished painting home at the end of the workshop.

JOIN because guided meditation allows the individual to free and focus the mind, painting will push you to express your present and true self.

WE are COVID cautious; all work areas are sanitized and catered to individual use.
- Masks are MANDATORY.

Instructor(s) Bio:

Tayler Samantha is a 24 year old poet, healer, learner, yearner. As a Charleston, South Carolina native, she has always enjoyed explosive experiences that stimulating creative expressions gift to the beholder. She grew up in a household that nurtured esthetics and holistic care. Her love of words and curiosity of energy has lead her to profound experiences with meditation through figure modeling and yoga. She believes in naturally healing the body, mind & soul. She understands the value of incorporating balance when being and doing through various forms of meditative practice.

Evan Bieder is a third generation painter from Norwalk and Fairfield, Connecticut. His grandmother, Bonnie Bieder, managed Lionheart Gallery in Bedford, New York and was a landscape painter. His father, Erik Bieder, is an art teacher in Stamford, CT and an abstract painter. Evan has been painting for five years. He began making abstract paintings with warm colors and now paints impressionist landscapes.
Evan graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in government in 2015. He recently worked as a teacher and coach in Gaston, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts. Evan also likes drawing, photography, fashion, film, running, lifting, and reading. His favorite baseball team is the New York Mets.

Peace&Paint | @paintinginpeace

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