ACT of CT collaborates with Stephen Schwartz to produce an unforgettable love story - stream Snapshots NOW!

Snapshots, A Musical Scrapbook, is a beautiful, relatable and real love story created by ACT of CT’s Artistic Director, Daniel C. Levine and Music Supervisor, Bryan Perri, in collaboration with Stephen Schwartz.

You probably have photos, snapshots of day’s past that are tucked away in boxes and albums in your home.  In this original musical, streaming through February 28, a struggling couple is forced to reflect on their lives through a different prism. After twenty years of marriage, their present view of life is full of daily, somewhat monotonous routines. 

A second chance at love and life comes serendipitously when the couple, Sue and Dan, are forced to reflect on the many decisions, adventures and ultimate choices that led them to this place and time. 

Would you change any behaviors if you knew what the future would look like? 

The clarity of knowing now what you didn’t know then allows Sue and Dan to issue the final verdict.

Incorporating dozens of Stephen Schwartz’s Broadway masterpieces, the story takes place in an attic, chock full of memories packed into dusty boxes and left on cluttered shelves. 

After twenty years of marriage and her child away at college, Sue is ready to call it quits. Her bag is packed. She’s been carefully planning her departure for weeks. She’s rethinking life and her meaning in it. 

When Snapshots opens, we see Sue in the attic of her home, writing a goodbye letter to her husband, Dan. She doesn’t get to finish writing. Dan surprises her by arriving home from work earlier than expected. Shanken by his sudden appearance, Sue hides the note and accidently knocks over a box of photographs that scatter on the attic floor. 

Those “snapshots” unearth buried feelings and cherished memories that beautifully unfold as we step back in time and watch the courtship and relationship of two younger versions of Dan and Sue.  

The awesomely talented cast is comprised of Ryan Bailer (ACT of CT’s Evita), John Cardoza (Jagged Little Pill), Olivia Hernandez (ACT of CT’s Austen’s Pride), Monica Ramirez (ACT of CT’s Working, Godspell), Michael McCorry Rose (Anastasia, Wicked) and Mariand Torres (Wicked, Prince of Broadway).

Snapshots is available for streaming on-demand now through February 28, 2021. Visit actofct.org to learn more and purchase tickets. All ticket holders will have 48 hours to watch this exciting new production as many times as they like. Tickets are available starting at $20.

Snapshots, A Musical Scrapbook has music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, book by David Stern, was conceived by Michael Scheman and David Stern, with additional music and lyrics by David Crane, Seth Friedman, Marta Kauffman, Alan Menken and Charles Strouse, and arrangements and orchestrations by Steve Orich. Directed by Daniel C. Levine, Music Supervision by Bryan Perri, Choreography by Sara Brians, Cinematography by Barton Cortright.



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