Stamford Mayor's Gallery Presents SPAG takes a Field Trip

The Mayor’s Gallery presents SPAG takes a Field Trip November 4, 2021 – January 6, 2022

Participating artists: Robert Abriola, Sary Becker, Cindy Bernier, Leslie Cober, David Morico, Dollka Morico, Rose Gatto, Gayle Gleckler, Ellen Gordon, Bruce Horan, Steve Magee, Cynthia Melchiorri, Dorothy Robertshaw, Kristin Schnitzler, Sergey Stepanenko

The St. Philip Artists' Guild (SPAG) is a group of artists dedicated to supporting each other's creative efforts and to collaborating with neighboring arts and community groups. SPAG has been active since 2008 and has a membership of 24 artists. Some of the SPAG members share studio space within the Oakhill Mansion, on the grounds of St. Philip Church in Norwalk, CT.

The Oakhill Mansion, which has been part of the Norwalk community since 1912, was a private residence for over 40 years before being purchased by St. Philip and repurposed first into a convent and then into a teen rehabilitation center. Abandoned since the late 90’s, it had fallen in disrepair when, at the invitation of former Pastor, Fr. Michael A. Boccaccio, five artists banded together with the goal of transforming it into an artists’ exhibiting and working space. This original gang of five moved into studio spaces within the Mansion and began restoring the building into the showcase space of today. Today’s SPAG membership includes 24 artists, some of whom work onsite while others have studios elsewhere.

For more information about SPAG please visit their website  www.spagstudios.com

  10th floor  Government Center,    888 Washington Blvd. Stamford, CT

             Weekdays: 9am - 4pm               By appointment 203 858 3082

              Parking on site                                         handicap accessible



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