Avatar and World Building with Resident Artist Francisco Mandujano

You will step into the world of live gaming in this class. First, each of you will brainstorm and sketch your own individual character, or avatars, with enticing backstories that represent your chosen identity.

Second, as a class, we will develop a map of the world containing the various regions and destinations that will be explored by all of your characters. Once these initial steps have been established, we will spend the remainder of our time role-playing in the world we built.

You will be faced with various scenarios of moral dilemmas that will push you to think outside the box. This course is designed to inspire the creation of art, encourage creative thinking, and problem-solve - all while playing a tabletop role-playing game. We will use repurposed materials such as cardboard, plastic, cork, and toy pieces as well as paint and epoxy.

Our game and pieces will be included in a public exhibition at The Norwalk Art Space in the Spring!


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