Revolutionary Artists in Unique Career Paths with Resident Artist Greg Aimé at The Norwalk Art Space

Revolutionary Artists in Unique Career Paths (with Resident Artist Greg Aimé) at Norwalk Art Space on Sundays: Feb 12, 19 and 26, 2023 (3 Sessions)

In this class, students will learn about various artists and their effects on our visual world in the traditional arts, fashion, streetwear, interior design, architecture, food, and other artistic spheres. Students will be presented with artwork and interviews from current artistic leaders in these fields on the first day at TNAS. For the second class, students will meet at the SONO Collection’s Magnificent Room on the 2nd floor for a tour of the mall to be inspired by the graphics, architecture, store designs, and fashion inside the mall. On the third day, class will be held at TNAS where students will recreate their own store design, store graphic, or fashion outfit. Our goal is for students to broaden their perspective of what art is, how it can be translated into a career, and what is achievable and practical with their creativity. Free and open to students 13 - 18 yrs of age | 12 spots | Registration required



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