Last Minute Eco/Vegan Valentines

Searching for a last minute gift for your sweetheart? Check out these eco friendly and vegan options that not only say I love to your SO, but the planet. 


Green Field Paper Company Seed Paper Valentine's Day Cards - http://bit.ly/1KclfJp
Sprout Valentine Pencils - http://bit.ly/20MbEjV
Sprout Valentine's Card - http://bit.ly/1SIYdwS
Sprout Tiny Gardens, Valentine edition - http://bit.ly/1WeQZyk


Pumeli Chai and Chocolate Gift Box - http://bit.ly/20MbR6O
REBBL Elixirs - http://bit.ly/1nZALOe
Love Hard, Inc., Jojo’s Sriracha - http://bit.ly/1QWoxjr
Nicobella Organics Chocolates - http://bit.ly/1WeRfx6

Personal Care Products: 

SVELTA Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub - http://bit.ly/1nZAWsV
The Wonder Seed Body Wash - http://amzn.to/1QWoJiA
The Wonder Seed Body Lotion - http://amzn.to/20pjpXF
Momoko Therapeutics’ Rose + Cacao Collection - http://bit.ly/1SIYQq6
G2 Organics The Hickey Stick - http://bit.ly/20WeBLm
Ellovi Vegan Lip & Body Butter - http://bit.ly/1Pm8tHg
Surya Brasil Vegan Lip Balms - http://bit.ly/1osLYHO


Breakfast Criminals Ceramic Heart Bowl - http://amzn.to/1Kcm1WQ
Starling & Ivy Sweetheart Headband - http://bit.ly/20pjHxr
GlobeIn FairTrade Scarf - http://bit.ly/1nZBIWN
Zink Vegan Mini Boxcar Bag - http://bit.ly/1RqScmT
Gunas Glitter Bunny Clutch - http://bit.ly/1RqSsSX
Gogo Rattlesnake Rib Earrings, Silver - http://bit.ly/1WeRMPH
The Reformation Hart Dress (no longer available)


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