Why Traveling to Puerto Vallarta is More Important Than Ever

Recently, Travel Weekly reported that U.S. travelers are increasingly canceling trips to Mexico due to the current political climate. This is unfortunate, and frankly a mistake for so many reasons. Despite what may be happening in Washington, traveling to Puerto Vallarta is more important than ever because we the people have the power to make a statement with our purchases and where we choose to frequent. A visit to our southern neighbor is a statement of support and friendship in a time when projecting kindness is vital.

I traveled to Puerto Vallarta both in 2015, and last fall, and have answered the safety question before, so now, politics, aside, here are more reasons why you should put Puerto Vallarta on your travel list:

My first visit was eco-based and we spent our time ziplining above the canopy, exploring the Malecón, enjoying the gorgeous untouched island of Yelapa, and my favorite, watching majestic beluga whales breaching in the waters of the glass-like Bay of Banderas.

This time around, we embarked on an evening taco tour, got in some much-needed R&R at our resort, saw a Michael Jackson impersonator performance, and upgraded our Bay on Banderas outing by renting a yacht. 

There is so much to do and see in Puerto Vallarta, whether you're a nature lover, food fanatic, fitness buff, or party animal, so start planning your trip today!


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