Homes are Humming in Fairfield County Thanks to Two Extraordinary Techpreneurs

 Start Humming in Fairfield County!

There is a new company in the hood that is revolutionizing homeownership. We sat down with Adeel Mallick and Kyle Carnes, founders of Humming Homes, to learn about how this new real estate tech-driven home management company is transforming the way people manage their most expensive asset - their homes. Read our interview (and start humming!)

So, are homeowners really able to use an app to manage all aspects of their homes? How do we sign up? 

Yes! The Humming Homes app allows users to plan maintenance, request projects, get emergency assistance or expertise, and capture all of their home information. You’ll have real-time access to a dedicated team of project managers and home services professionals. Given our service is tailored to fit your needs, you can go to to sign up for a consultation with a member of our membership team.

How many homeowners are you currently serving? 

We manage close to 400 homes across the Tri-State area and Southern Florida. 

Tell me where you are located? Who can sign up for Humming Homes?

Humming Homes is currently offering memberships to homeowners in Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY, The Hamptons, NY, Miami-Dade, Fl, and Palm Beach County, FL. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to residential and single-family homeowners.

How did customers initially react when you launched your service?

The most common reaction we received when we first launched was, “I can’t believe this doesn’t already exist!” Homeowners everywhere are desperate for ways to better manage their homes and have homeownership be a part of their busy lives, not a burden to them. The complexity and challenges of owning a home are so common and well-known, that most people are surprised to hear that there really isn’t anything else like Humming Homes already available.

Will you take care of appliances, and record-keeping as well? 

The Humming Homes system is built on documenting all appliances and home systems and storing that information in an accessible way. The goal is to make it easy to know if your appliances need maintenance, and simple to request service if needed. Our team will pass along the most relevant information to a repair company to eliminate the need for multiple visits or misunderstandings onsite.

Learn more about Humming Homes - download the App and start HUMMING! 

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