Norwalk Police Honor Officers of the Year David Peterson and Lou Giannattasio, Life Saving Award

Norwalk Police Announce 2021 Officers of the Year

Officer David Peterson
Officer Lou Giannattasio
On October 7, 2021, Officers Peterson and Giannattasio were called to the Tennis Courts of Longshore for the initial complaint of a male fainting while playing tennis. Upon arrival, Officer Peterson observed that the male on the ground had fully collapsed, was not breathing and appeared totally unresponsive. Officer Peterson immediately recognized that the male was in cardiac arrest and responded to his vehicle to retrieve his AED while Officer Giannattasio performed CPR. Over the next 10-15 minutes, Officer Peterson and Officer Giannattasio worked in tandem with Norwalk Fire to administer CPR and AED shocks to keep the male in the fight to live until he was able to be transported to the Norwalk Hospital. During this time, continuous CPR was administered along with at least (4) shocks from the AED device, taking the male from not breathing and no pulse to having shallow breaths and a detectable heart rate.
Due to Officers Peterson and Giannattasio actions, the male was transported to Norwalk Hospital and was able to make a full recovery. Their dedication to duty, quick thinking and unwillingness to quit took a situation that was likely to result in death to having this man being able to return home to his family.
Both officers were honored, along with the other First Responders, by Norwalk Hospital EMS in a small ceremony at the hospital. The male victim, who has now fully recovered, was present at the ceremony along with his family, personally thanked the officers for their efforts in saving him. He also mentioned how their actions not only saved him but also saved their family from a holiday season without him. Norwalk Hospital staff noted that there is no doubt that without the quick response and lifesaving work of Officers Peterson and Giannattasio, the male would have definitely not survived.
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