City's COVID-19 Self Test Reporting Portal Open for All Norwalkers

The City of Norwalk Encourages Residents to Report Positive At-Home Test Results to Receive Public Health Guidance and Support

Along with precautions like vaccination, masking, and physical distancing, COVID-19 testing is essential to help reduce the spread of COVID19. At-home COVID-19 tests can be a convenient, accessible way to test. When used appropriately, at-home tests (also called “self-tests” or “over-the-counter” tests) can help individuals identify infections early, get reliable information and support, take important precautions, and seek treatment when needed.

Norwalk residents can visit www.norwalkct.org/selftest for information about where to find at-home tests, how to use this type of test, and a link to report your positive test results. Residents who want to go directly to the portal to report test results can visit www.norwalkct.org/selfreport.

Once someone reports their positive results, they’ll be directed to guidelines for isolation and quarantine, and a Health Department staff member may reach out to offer guidance and answer any questions they may have. As at-home tests become more and more popular, it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

• Read the test instructions closely. Store the test properly and carefully follow the steps for testing. These instructions may differ among brands and types of tests.

• Watch out for recalled or counterfeit at-home tests. You can visit the FDA website for a list of authorized tests.

• If you have COVID-19 symptoms or had a known exposure to someone with COVID-19, you should get tested, regardless of your vaccination status.

• If you have COVID-19 symptoms but test negative on your first test, you should continue to stay home and test again in 24-48 hours (depending on instructions on the test).

A positive at-home test result is considered reliable. More can be found about interpreting at-homes test results at the CDC. As outlined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), upon testing positive, isolation (for those infected) and quarantine (for those exposed) are fundamental in stemming the tide of infection in our community. Learn more about isolation and quarantine at the CDC website.

Full links for more information:

• Norwalk Health Department Self-Reporting Portal: click here

• Norwalk Health Department Information about Self-Tests: click here

• CDC Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines: click here

• FDA List of Authorized At-Home Tests: click here

• CDC Information on COVID Symptoms: click here

• CDC Information about Self-Tests: click here


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