Low Sensory Show Coming to Nyack!

On Saturday, February 10th at 2:00pm, at The Nyack Center, in Nyack, NY - ArtsRock is hosting their first show specifically to accommodate children with special sensory needs.

The show will be a hilarious variety of circus and physical comedy and while we welcome all kids, this one is specifically “low sensory” geared towards our friends with those challenges.

"Grand Falloons",an ensemble of theater, circus, and design professionals who came together to create educational and thematic theatrics for museums, schools, and theaters across the United States will be performing.

The Falloons started in the early 1990s with a series of works commissioned by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. They asked us to create theatrical events introducing underserved audiences, especially children, to works in the museum. Our work there was based on exhibits as diverse as Cèzanne's Effect on the Academic Nature of American Art in the 1920s to The Artistic Sublime of the Catskill School. 

They continue to produce works in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Academy as well as with the Jewish Museum, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, The Philadelphia Children's Festival and other not-for-profit organizations. They have also produced original curriculum programs for public schools in New York and New Jersey. See our list of past and continuing productions. 

"The program will be presented in a low sensory environment to be sensitive to those children with sensory sensitivity and other special needs,"  said Jeffrey Friedberg, Show Curator and ArtsRock Board Member.

Lights will be kept on during the show and the volume of the microphones and music will be low. The environment will be accepting and understanding if children need to move around or talk during the performance and the performers will moderate the length and pace of the show to be fun and entertaining to their particular audience.

"The focus is inclusiveness, acceptance and understanding of children of all needs and challenges," said Elliott Forrest, ArtsRock Executive Director, "we have never hosted an event such as this, but believe it is so very important."

Purchase tickets here: http://www.artsrock.org/





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