Play With Your Food

Penguin Rep Theatre in Stony Point, NY - Rockland County's only professional equity theater announces their 2017 season "Play With Your Food" series!

JUNE 12:
Eyes Forward by Philip Gerson
An American travels to Germany, with his aged father, to recover a precious painting of his grandmother lost when the Nazi Party rose to power.  The current owner of the painting refuses to part with it, reviving old animosities and potent memories. 
JULY 10:
The Drought Tank, a contemporary drama by Emily Chadick
The life of a mid-30s dentist begins to unravel as she struggles between her marijuana habit and the hope of having a baby which would please her noodging mother and her family-minded rabbi husband. 
Queen, a contemporary drama by Madhuri Shekar
Two researchers are ready to publish conclusive evidence that honey bees are being wiped out by pesticides, but new data contradicts their findings.  Do they ignore the new evidence in order to protect bees, or do they go back to the drawing board? 
All readings begin at 7:00pm with a food tasting by a local restaurant, followed by the reading and a lively discussion by actors, author and audience.
Purchase tickets here: https://www.penguinrep.org/ 


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