5th Annual Puppet Festival in Nyack!


Looking for a place to take the kids/grandkids to stay warm and welcome on an upcoming cold Sunday? Join ArtsRock and Jeffrey Friedberg on January 14th at 2pm in Nyack as they present their 5th Annual Puppet Festival!

Tanglewood Marionettes are master manipulators and their puppets and the story of the Dragon King will keep you and your children mesmerized. The earliest use of puppets seems to be traced to China; however puppets or some form of it probably goes back farther in when people may have entertained themselves and others by hand shadow puppets on cave walls in the shadowy light of a fire. https://youtu.be/A53TUp8yjE8

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm
BOCES - The Ritterhausen Auditorium
Old Nyack High School
131 North Midland, Nyack, Entrance on 5th Avenue
Tickets: $18

Milk and Cookies Playhouse presents the award-winning production of The Dragon King with colorful sea creatures in an exciting adventure. It will dazzle both children and adults.

Tickets at http://www.artsrock.org/


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