Spotlight on Tuscany

Sue Peterson, from Pearl River, NY & from Peterson Global Travel is offering a Spotlight on Tuscany Trip in April 2018.  The trip is 9 days and includes sampling of delectable wines during wine tasting in Chianti; spending time at a farm where you will taste flavorfull pecorino cheese; enjoy regional wines included with dinner; stay at the famous spa resort town of Montecatini; Journey to Florence for a tour of "Cradle of the Italian Renaissance; Stop in the medieval city of Lucca, encircled by 16-th century walls; visit the Academy Gallery and Michelangelo's David; See the Gothic Line, one of Germans' last lines of defense during WWII; Visit the Museum of Liberation and see WWII fortifications and bunkers. 

You will visit Montecatini Terme; Florence; Lucca; Gothic Line; Siena; Pisa and San Gimignano.

April 12-20, 2018

Get more information from about this fabulous trip to Italy here.


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