The NEW Retirement

I had the pleasure this morning of speaking with Dorian Mintzer. Mintzer is a Therapist, Life and Retirement Transition Coach, Relationship Coach, Executive Coach, Teacher, Author and Speaker. In between discussing our own children (plus her trek to Nepal in her forties and college searches as a parent in her mid sixties with a teenage son) we talked about life.  

Yes, life. Life after fifty.

We discussed the subject of the "new" retirement.  With 80 million Boomers in their 50's and 60's shouldn't there be a cool name for what people now do with their lives as they enter their second half.  There are hipsters, millennials urbanites, suburbanites, middle aged, boomers, seniors--but I am thinking the word should be wiseters. This active, profoundly wise group does not wish to sit on a rocking chair drinking tea (or maybe sometimes they do) all day.  

Mintzer works with individuals and couples to help them navigate pre-retirement and retirement transition issues. She is co-author of The Couple's Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating An Amazing Life Together and a contributing author to Live Smart After 50! 65 Things to do When you Retire, Remarkable and Real, and Making Marriage a Success.

So you must be thinking that Mintzer has the whole retirement scenario wrapped up in a pretty little package with a beautiful pink bow in her perfect life right outside of Boston. Well, some days she does and some days she doesn't. She is actively assisting her son Louie navigate finding the right college for him while at the same time giving road maps to "wiseters" who attempt to honor what they need now --not what they needed in their twenties, or when they raised their children -- not what their adult children or grandchildren need from them but what they want.  She attempts to assist couples and individuals in talking about the taboo -- money, sex and death.  She teaches couples that it is ok to agree to disagree; to not want your spouse around all the time; to need a sense of purpose; to clarify expectations of each other and to feel the joy of feeling like you have made a difference.

Mintzner is speaking on Tuesday, November 18th in West Nyack.  She is a dynamic individual with years of expertise on the subject and will be bringing a great deal to the patinaed, antique table -- the one filled with hope, fulfillment, energy, history and glistening with a confident smirk with age on it's side.


Photo is not one of Dorian Mintzer but of a dynamic "Wiseter"!

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