Dylan Gambardella

Sometimes articles don't need a fancy title, just a fancy name!

Dylan Gambardella .... Dylan Gambardella ... Dylan Gambardella ...

Hendrick Hudson High School Honor Student, Basketball, Cross Country and Tennis Captain (Yes: Captain for all three), Senior Class President, Head Sports Editor for The Anchor, Hen Hud Leos Club President, Mathletes, should I go on?

Well let's see what Dylan has to say for himself first, "Well, I am very thankful...It has been great...I love well-roundedness."

Let's just say that he has some really great role models too:

  "My sister Alexa Gambardella set the bar pretty high for me. She showed me the ropes." Alexa was a previous Hen Hud graduate who also volunteered with the Leo's Club like Dylan, but implemented the midnight runs years ago. She currently works in the medical field and is planning on continuing her education, setting that bar even higher!

  "Mr. Tulo has been my math teacher for four years now. We have a close connection and I picked him for the Staff Appreciation Game next week. He's a really great teacher."

  "Coach Hirsch has morphed the program into more of a family setting. We are all closer this year and we help each other more because of what he emphasized."

Speaking of Coach Hirsch, the first time the two spoke was this past summer over the phone. Dylan was at NYU Medical School continuing his third year of work on his research project of the impact of the environment and the correlation to diabetes. Coach says, "Dylan is well spoken and dependable. We have our players vote for captains and he was chosen by his peers unanimously, which tells you a lot about his character."

So for a guy with not a lot of downtime, how does Dylan Gambardella unwind? "I get a lot of aggression out on the court. I've been playing basketball since 2nd grade. Basketball is my life." And did you know this about Dylan? He has been playing piano since six years old and has recently picked up guitar. Since Middle School he has dabbled in writing his own music and loves to play and mix it up.

But if anyone wants to know the real scoop about Dylan....it's all in the lunchbox! The teachers joke about him eating all day long, but it literally is completely packed to the brim by his Mom:

- Bagel to start his day

- Carrots, celery and other mixed veggies to get him through the morning

- Sandwich for lunch

- Apples, clementines and other fruit snacks to get him through the afternoon

- Smart food popcorn

- And depending on if it's a game day, he may get a hot lunch pizza too!

Dylan is going to have to do some decision making over the next few months between Harvard, Princeton, Duke, UPENN and Emory (Dylan is a finalist for the Emory Scholars Program). No matter what, I can't wait to see more of Dylan in big bright lights! Congratulations Dylan!!!!!

**The Hendrick Hudson Staff Appreciation game is open to the public this coming Monday 2/3 at 6pm at HHHS Gym, final home game of the season.


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