NY Launches First Motorcycle Ride to Raise Awareness about Breast Caner

Today (June 27th) with Sandra Lee and Billy Joel, we launched the first-ever statewide motorcycle ride to raise awareness of breast cancer across New York State.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in New York. Whether it be mom, a sister, relative or friend, many New Yorkers have been affected by this deadly disease, myself included.

Last year, Sandy mentioned to me she was going for a breast exam. I didn’t think anything of it—she was 48 and had no family history of cancer. A few days later she called me crying. What happened? She got the results from the screening and one word changed our lives: cancer.

Sandy was lucky to have caught it early because early detection is the best treatment. But not all women are that lucky, and many are not fortunate enough to have the flexibility in their schedule or the resources to fight this disease head on.

That’s why we took the most aggressive action in the nation to improve access to breast cancer screening. Today, I’m proud to sign legislation that extends screening hours at hospitals and clinics, removes insurance hurdles for mammograms and other diagnostic imaging procedures, and offers paid leave for screenings for public employees.

Text “GET SCREENED” to 81336 to find a breast cancer screening location near you.

We also launched new initiatives to combat breast cancer and urge New Yorkers to get screened. As part of a $91 million plan, these programs include mobile mammography vans and a state-backed venture capital fund to support promising cancer-related technologies. For more information, visit www.ny.gov/getscreened.

By expanding screening hours and removing insurance barriers, our wives, daughters and sisters will have better access to lifesaving health services so they too can get ahead of this disease. I encourage everyone to get screened and push the women you love to do so, too. When it comes to cancer, early detection can make a lifetime of difference.

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